INSPECTIONAL SERVICES, Federal Rental Units, 2023 10-10.sec 8

Inspectional Services RFP- FINAL, 2023 10-10.sec 8

Addendum 1, Inspectional services, federal rental Units, Sec 8 2023 10-10.Sec8

Addendum 2 Sec 8 inspection

Addendum 3 Sec 8 inspection

The BHA is looking to enter into a service contract, for a period of 3 yeras, with an inspection company to conduct inspections of rental units by following federal (HUD) and State regulations

Proposal Due date: 10 am November 8, 2023

Pre- Proposal Briefing: 10am October 31 2023. Meet in the Rafkin Conference Room of 45 Goddard RD., Brocktom, MA 02303

Last day for written questions: 12 Noon, November 1, 2023




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