Rental Assistance

The Rental Assistance Department has a primary responsibility to administer Federal and State Funded Housing Programs to low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled.  Following strict State and Federal guidelines, the rental assistance department’s goal is to qualify families for decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market.

Rental Assistance Staff

Chrislaine Bonny – Associate Director of Leased Housing 508-427-9044
Tamara Collymore – Office Manager 508-427-9045
Carmela Pradieu – Fraud Manager 508-427-9108
Patricia Desgrosseilliers – Leased Housing Agent 508-427-9144
Sheila Wagner – Home Ownership Leasing Officer 508-427-9086
Crystal Guerra – Leased Housing Agent 508-427-9080
Flora Marchani – Leased Housing Agent 508-427-9004
Kerene Cassagnol – Home Ownership Leasing Officer 508-427-9152
Karen Pechulis – Leased Housing Agent 508-427-9155
Addora Barros – Home Ownership Leasing Officer 508-427-9156
Bruna Campbell – Landlord Participant Facilitator 508-427-9093

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