Daily living FAQs

How do I pay my rent?

A rent statement along with a self-addressed envelope is mailed to you each month. You must pay your rent within the first five (5) working days.

Can I pay my rent online?

No. Currently the BHA does not have online payment options.

What are the requirements to live in one of the BHA’s high-rise buildings?

The BHA’s high-rise buildings are for the elderly and/or disabled adults. Families with young children would be eligible for a family development.

How do I get something fixed in my apartment?

Call the Maintenance Department at 508-583-5645 24 hours a day. After 4:30pm if your problem is not an emergency situation it will not be addressed until the following day.

Do I need a parking permit for my car?

Yes. Parking Permits are issued at your Asset Manager’s main office; refer to your development description page for their phone number. Your car must be currently registered and insured – you will need to provide documentation to reflect this. You will also need to bring your driving license that has your current address, i.e. the address of the BHA apartment you live in – if your license does not reflect this you will need to go to the registry to have your license modified.

Will my car get towed without a parking permit?

Yes. If there are extenuating circumstances why you haven’t obtained a permit, talk with your Asset Manager to see if a temporary permit can be issued, otherwise, it will be towed and you will be responsible to pay any expenses to retrieve your vehicle.

My car was towed. How do I find out where it is and who do I talk to about this?

The Asset Manager of your building.

Can I have a pet?

Yes. There are breed restrictions. When you are ready to get a pet come to the office and you will be provided with the Pet Policy, which you must read and sign, confirming that you understand the rules and regulations in regard to pets. The maximum weight for dogs is 25 lbs. There is a one-time non- refundable fee of $25.00 this must be paid by check or money order made out to the Brockton Housing Authority.  We DO NOT ACCEPT CASH!

Can my friends/family bring their pets to visit me?

Pets that are not registered with the BHA are not allowed on the property.

Do you supply air conditioners or do we?

You must supply your own air conditioners. There is a seasonal fee of $45.00 per air conditioner. Check with your building Asset Manager before installation. Maintenance personnel will assist you in the installation.

Can I paint my walls?

Yes. But you can only paint your walls with BHA-approved colors – under the terms of your lease no other colors can be used. Every two years you can ask for paint from the Asset Manager and the BHA will supply the paint for you to apply – the BHA will not paint the walls. You must purchase any brushes or rollers needed. Please use care when painting – use a drop cloth to cover floors so paint doesn’t drip on the floors; do not paint over electrical outlets or switches.

Can I use portable heaters to warm my apartment?

No. Such devices are a fire threat to both you and your neighbors.

Can I store items on my balcony?

No. Seasonally you may have items such as chairs and a table for your use but the balconies are not for prolonged storage. Storms with high winds could cause items to lift off your balcony and pose a threat to both your doors and windows as well as people walking below.

What do I have to do with my car after a snow storm?

BHA employees or vendors plow all parking lots during a storm to the best degree possible. After the snow has stopped it is important that residents move their cars so that the parking lots can be cleared of snow. Contact your Asset Manager to determine what the schedule is for your building. Failure to move your car could result in it being snowed in even worse.