Resident Services FAQs

Who do I call if I have questions about services for tenants?

For general questions call Fred Welsh, Director of Resident Services at 508-427-9072. To contact the Service Coordinator who handles your particular residence:

  • Belair Tower, Kennedy Drive, Crosby Gardens or Rainbow Terrace residents call Ron DiMarzio at 508-427-9190
  • Sullivan Tower, Roosevelt Heights, Golden Circle residents call Shawna Medairos at 508-427-9042
  • Caffrey Towers, Crescent Court or Hillside residents call John Beals Jr. at 508-427-9035
  • Campello A or B buildings or Belair Heights residents call Fred Aloisi at 508-427-9037
  • Ann Ward Congregate House residents call Mary Verrier at 508-588-7790
What kinds of issues can Service Coordinators help me with?

They can help you with any questions regarding your particular living situation. These could include taking care of your apartment, food stamps, insurance issues, conflicts with neighbors, connecting with health care providers or any issue that effects your quality of your life here at the BHA.